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Friday, October 03, 2008

New Stuff!

Items I have knitted in the recently, all for sale:

Harvest brown and gold purse: Knit with wool and mohair-containing yarns, this bag is fuzzy and soft, about 9.5 inches long x 4 in wide, 5 in tall. Felted. Glass bead closure.

For sale at Caboodle

Pink - Purple Knapsack:

Knit with wool and soft novelty yarns. Straps are adjustable to be a shoulder bag or backpack. Felted.

About 10 inches tall x 7 in diameter

Donated to school auction :-)


These bags are knit with yarn dyed by either kool-aide or easter egg dyes. Very vibrant colors! Straps are fuzzy novelty yarn. Felted.

About 7 inches tall x 8 inches wide, straps are about 10 inches long, but can be tied to make shorter.

Good size for kids.

For sale at Caboodle

Orange Striped or Blue Striped Knapsacks:

100% wool. Lightweight day pack. Felted.

Straps can be adjusted for either shoulderbag or for backpack.

About 8 inches tall x 7 inches diameter

For sale at Caboodle

Felted Toddler Hats:
These hats fit about ages 1 to 3. (Maroon 1-2 years, blue and orange, 2-3). Wool withsome novelty yarn. Funhats for dress up and play, or for warmth in winter.
(No guarantee that your toddler will keep the hat on their head!)
For sale at Caboodle


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